Sunday, September 4, 2016

Three Days to Forty

 I love to sing. Singing makes me happy, it annoys everyone else, but nothing could beat that satisfaction I get when I nail a song and it sounds so good as I sing it.

I am old enough now to know realistically though I can sing well I am not good enough to sing professionally. Dreaming of being a singer with albums, I think died when I turn 25 or thereabouts, but somewhere in my heart there is still that dream of singing a duet with Cliff Richard. LOL

For this part I think I am quite satisfied with what I have been able to do with my singing. When I really need to have the thrill of singing to an audience, I have that opportunity of singing dad’s poem in ZK baca sajak sampai subuh. Smule also made it easy for me to have a feel of singing with music and having a recording of it. The pinnacle so far was singing dad’s poem in a tv show.

So as I approach forty, I think I am well happy with where I have taken my singing hobby. It makes me happy and I hope I just take it further, maybe learn an instrument to play along with my singing.

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