Saturday, September 3, 2016

Four days to Forty

Writing has always been my salvation, poetry to be more specific. The journey to publishing is still quite undone, but it has never really been my end goal. I write because I have to not because I have dream to be a published writer. I am happy about the evolutions of my poetry, I think I have learnt how to use words to express what I feel, to draw that picture of my emotions.

I am still trying to write that story I have been thinking about for almost 20 years, but story writing has never been my forte, so I don’t know if I will ever get it done.

I have a few idea that I would like to see through, I just need to make sure I will find the time, most of it has been written, just need to compile it all and see if it will work like I imagine.

This is one those thing that I do that has not disappoint me and does not gives me a deadline of when I need to achieve anything. Me being forty does not have a bearing on my writing. One thing I am grateful for actually. It will always be there for me and just up to me to how far I want to take it.

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