Friday, September 2, 2016

Five Days to Forty

Teaching is my profession. I am one of those lucky ones who love their job. When I first started teaching, I wasn’t very good at it, well I was too stiff and I was not flexible, I kept trying to follow my lesson plan to the exact minute. But from the very beginning I seem to make connection with my students, I love teaching them and they are willing to learn from me.

I don’t really know if I have managed to improve from that really novice teacher I was. I think I have, but there are days that make me think I still have so much to learn. But what these 16 years of teaching has taught me is that as long as I am willing to learn and evolve I will improve and be able to teach my students better.

So this is also one of those things I could be proud of in my life, I hope I have made an impact however small in the lives of all my students. 

With some of my students at a TESL night.

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