Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ten Days to Forty

In ten days I will be forty. As always I don’t enjoy the coming of my birthday. But I have seen one of my Facebook friend posting every day for a month of things she is grateful for in he r life, and that have given me the idea of doing this countdown to my birthday. I am going to talk about ten things in my life that is important to me and whether I have achieved what I want to achieve with it up to this point in my life.

I am hoping that this exercise would help lessen that feeling of failure that I have each time I reach a birthday. I don’t think I can take additional stress on my depression, I am sad enough as it is now and the looming of this big birthday, my fortieth, is threatening to make it more than I could handle.
So ten days before my birthday, I think I will talk about my hobby of playing with my hair. When I was young dad made sure I wear my hair short, so it would be neat for school. At times it was cut so short, that teachers used my hair as example for the boys. The last time I let dad cut it short was when I was off to do my matriculation, after that I started keeping it long.

I have always liked to braid hair, but it wasn’t after I got to know Phil that I really learned how to braid all the different kinds of braids. I don’t really know how we got on the topic, but the next thing I know Phil was linking me all these YouTube channels that have hair tutorials. Turns out he has a few favourite channels he subscribe to. That is why I love my man; he has varied interest that fascinates me.

I am happy with all the skills I have developed concerning my hair, but because I am getting older my hair is not really in a good condition, so I guess I have to start researching on ways to baby my aging hair. 

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