Monday, August 29, 2016

Nine Days to Forty

I am going to be forty and apart from renting a house with my friends during university I have never lived on my own. I don’t really know how I feel about it. There are times when I really need my space, I wish I have a place of my own, but that doesn’t happen very often. I actually hate being alone, so I guess not living on my own is no big deal.

But whenever I watched all those HGTV series, I have this need of wanting a house to renovate and decorate. I have always liked to design houses. When I played Sims, my favorite part is setting up the house and as I level up expanding and upgrading the house. I don’t really enjoy the playing god part of Sims but I love what it was originally for – an architectural tool.

Forty and still living with my dad, not too weird in Malaysia actually, but yeah would love to have a place I can call my own where I can design and decorate to my hearts contend.

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